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Do you accept insurance?

The real question is whether insurance will accept me :). Currently, the answer is often "no". If you hope to use insurance to help with the cost of nutritional therapy, you should call your insurance company and inquire whether they will reimburse you for my services.

Will you make me give up coffee?

Or chocolate, or pizza, or my favorite sugar-covered amazingness.... Nope. I won't make you give up ANYTHING. You are in control here. I partner with you to find the best nutritional plan for your current bio-individual needs and then you decide whether you are going to implement the recommendations we agree on. We take only the baby steps or big leaps you are ready to take. Now, if you aren't ready to make any changes-small or big-in order to find your wellest self, then maybe this isn't the right place or right time for you. In that case, it may be a better use of your money and my time if you take a break and come back when you are ready to jump in with your whole heart to make the changes necessary to best support your badass self.

Do you work with children?

Not at this time. My passion is working with women (and especially moms) to help them become their best and most energetic self. I find moms to be the linchpin of the family and when mom's health improves, the rest of the family thrives as well. If you are looking for an NTP to take on your child as a client, I may have some referrals for you. Drop me a note and I'll send you some names.

Do you work with vegetarians or vegan diets?

It is not my area of expertise. I have found animal foods to be so healing and essential to setting a foundation for optimal health that I will most likely end up recommending animal foods at some point even if I have the best intentions not to.

So, what sort of diets do you recommend?

Nutrient-dense, properly prepared, sustainably raised whole foods. Basically, I try to help people switch to eating predominantly whole foods as much as possible I'm most fascinated by what can broadly be call "ancestral diets"--the foods that humans ate before factory-made, food-like subsances were so prevalent in our food systems. My first introduction to this paradigm was through the Weston Price Foundation. "Paleo" or "Primal" style diets have been beneficial to me at certain points on my healing journey and some of my clients find them beneficial as well.
I'm also trained and certified to guide people interested in a couple therapeutic dietary approaches: The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet The Autoimmune Paleo Diet
Most importantly though, we start where you are at and begin bringing in high quality foods to crowd out the less nutrient dense foods. We can take baby steps and do this slowly or big leaps to get you where you want to be quicker.