Feel At Home In Your Body

To begin to work with it to achieve a state of well-being? Imagine waking up well-rested and full of energy and vitality to greet the day. Imagine moving through the world without need of sugar, caffeine, or medications to get by. Can you see your life after you stop tolerating, enduring, or suppressing your symptoms and finally leave them behind? Imagine the joy of a life open to your full potential where your well-self emerges to chase your dreams, run, play and dance with your loved ones, and finally, finally, feel at peace with your physical being

Right now, you are tired. You feel like you are running on fumes and often feel exhausted, foggy, and jittery. The world seems to take more and more from you without building you back up. Aches, upsets and other complaints plague you, making you feel older than your years and sicker than you deserve. You are tired of being told you are “normal” and worry that you will never find an explanation or remedy for your health issues.

You have probably already tried all manner of pills and procedures prescribed by your 

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Peeping Through a Leaf

Would you love to stop battling your symptoms and learn to listen to your body?

physician. You may have explored a variety of alternative health avenues and with the latest fads in herbs, vitamins, and exotic foods. You've tried just about every diet paradigm you've come across. Maybe you've even made it to the world of Weston Price and traditional foods , the paleo or primal diet, or begun the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS™) diet. Some of these things have helped. Some have hurt. All of them have left you feeling like there is something missing—a key connection not being made.

I know the despair of feeling disconnected from my body-as if it was an adversary

to conquer or an oppressive force to surrender to. I struggled with a myriad of health issues throughout my life and thought I would never find true healing. See more of my story here. The turning point came when I picked up the book, Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig and began to learn about ancestral diets and the relationship between modern nutrition and degenerative disease. This path of study led to the resolution of a myriad of health challenges and launched my career as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Read more about my journey here.

This may be for you if:

  • You seek real solutions and are not content to merely tolerate or suppress your symtoms.

  • You seek a heart-centered approach tailored to your bio-individual needs.

  • You are ready to fall in love with food again.

You might not be quite ready for this if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix or magic pill

  • You want food and healthcare to be easy and cheap

  • You are not ready to prioritize YOU.

Are you ready? Take action today.

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You are smart, strong, and capable and, like I did, fully able to pave your own path to wellness. My path was long, winding, and often confusing. I invite you to take advantage of my experience and allow me to help you create a clearer road map so that your journey is shorter, sweeter, and more direct.