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What's This All About?


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clark

Why Nutritional Therapy?

So, what is so special about nutritional therapy? Much of the time my work as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) feels like pure magic. We can prevent illness, recover from disease, and restore vitality by putting beautiful, delicious food in our mouths. How amazing is that? Not only that, but if we learn how to really tune in and listen, our bodies will TELL us which food we need in order to be our best and most vibrant selves. My job is helping you tune in to the magic.

But first, let's talk just a little bit about the science behind Nutritional Therapy. Nutrition is the science of how living beings interact with their food. It also includes the study of the biological processes used in consuming food as well as the body's ability to use the nutrients consumed in food.

nu·tri·ent (n(y)ootrēənt/) noun

plural noun: nutrients 1. a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.

Without nutrients, there is no life. And not only must we consume nutrients to live but we must be able to USE the nutrients we put in our mouths. So it is not enough to eat the most perfect diet in the world—you must also be able to digest your food and turn it into building blocks and fuel. Otherwise —twinkie or organic carrot— its all just gunk clogging up your system.

Nutritional Therapy balances source, processing, and function. We want to honor our bodies by sourcing the highest quality, most beautiful food we can. We do this by obtaining food that has been sustainably and kindly raised without the addition of toxic chemicals. We eat food that has been minimally and properly processed in ways that increase the availability of naturally occurring nutrients. Most importantly, we strengthen weaknesses in the body that impede proper digestion and absorption of nutrients so that they can work their magic.


Butter... its full of nutrients

A few things I love about Nutritional Therapy...

A bio-individual approach

Tuning in to the innate wisdom of the body

The results are pure magic.

Focused on Prevention

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You might feel at home here if:

  • You want to love the food you eat AND be confident that you are feeding yourself the most nutrient-dense food available.

  • You are not satisfied with simply tolerating or suppressing your symptoms. You want to know why they happen and get rid of them once and for all.

  • You want a personalized, whole-body approach to wellness that integrates your personal needs, body-intuition, and health goals.

I have a special place  in my heart for:

  • Independent thinkers and DIYers

  • The clueless and the desperate: end-of-their-rope, I'm-ready-to-try-anything seekers of a new path to wellness.

  • Those who find magic in the mundane

  • Organic gardeners, permaculture enthusiasts, and all forms of earth-loving, dirt-worshipers


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